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Ayurvedic herbs infused Hair and body oil for Psoarsis and eczema

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This oil is wholesome for dry, scaly, itchy, cracked and inflamed skin and hair that heals with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, nourishes with linoleic and oleic rich oils and soothe the skin. 100% Chemical and preservative free, Made with plant derived cold pressed oils, essential oils and infused herbs.

Babchi oil is very potent oil with antibacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant. It stimulates melanin in the skin to kill the bacterial and fungal growth. 

Chaulmogra  is a natural antibiotic hence the herbs infused hair and body massage oil with babchi and chaulmogra is a highly effective oil to deal with excessive dryness, flakes, swelling and redness.

Herbs are infused in the oil for 2 months.


Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil infused with Bitter Gourd, Marigold, Banana Leaves & Bay Leaves; Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Babchi Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Chaulmoogra Oil, Karanja Oil, Tamanu Oil and Essential Oils of Juniper Berry, Frankincense, Tea Tree, Cedarwood, Lavender, Thyme & Neem.


Apply on body immediately after a bath. Use it on area of concern 2-3 times a day for quick results. Use it all over the body, face and scalp. Oily skin people should avoid using on face.  Always remember not to take hot warm shower. Use cool water.

All skin types

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