About Us

A destination that bestows handmade natural products for your precious self.

At Bubblefarm, we believe in nature as the ultimate age old solution and making the best use of it, we create a wide range of handmade natural products for skincare and haircare exclusively made of natural ingredients suitable for all kinds of skin and hair types and their needs. As skin absorbs the products applied on it, the ingredients used for our products are sourced from the finest raw materials and botanicals. Our products are formulated and tested on ourselves because clients’ safety is our utmost priority. All the products after tested are manufactured in small batches to provide the best quality.

We produce quality natural remedial products that not only nurtures but also prevail as solution for skin and hair problems. We provide solutions for problems to suggestions of products along with information about the ingredients in our products maintaining transparency for a clutter-free experience.

Bubblefarm believes in equality and our products are for everyone, irrespective of the gender.

Our Mission

We aim at providing the best skincare and haircare handmade natural products containing the healthiest ingredients available that enhances and nurtures the beauty. Through this we strive to empower everyone to foster themselves by choosing a better and healthier personal care routine.

Our Story

Bubblefarm as a venture started in December 2016 by Sunitha. The whole idea incepted with Sunitha’s mother, despite being a busy business woman, religiously taking care of herself and her daughters skin care routine with all natural ingredients available at home ingredients like papaya, orange and lemon peels, rose petals and neem leaves, milk, curd and other ayurvedic products from local shops that were good for skin and hair. In fact, the best selling Bubblefarm Brightening face pack was curated by her mother. 

The tradition of using ingredients available at home has been prevailing since ancient times. Such tips for skincare and haircare imparted from our ancestors  to us has benefited many generations. Bubblefarm is inspired from all those tips and techniques from many grandmothers and mothers who were bestowed with generous natural beauty. All of this gave impetus to produce an earthy and homely products that are 100% natural and harmless in every kind.


Natural ingredients, plant-based food-grade cold-pressed oils, steam distilled therapeutic-grade essential oils, Floral waters, botanicals, natural waxes.


Synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum.