The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair in Winters

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair in Winters

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Hair in Winters


We at Bubblefarm strive to provide you with the best skincare and haircare handmade natural products that will help you to shine from within. We use organic and exotic ingredients which keep us close to our ethos and help us build a positive environment.


Our products help people to gain a more substantial and eco friendly routine, all of our products are 100% handmade by a select team that wants to give the best to our customers. We at Bubblefarm say No to animal testing and chemicals.


Winter is a joyful season, all around the world people are enjoying the holiday season and relaxing with their family and friends but what we often forget is that our skin and hair need more care and support during the winter season. Winters can make our skin and scalp dry and flake and during these times we need to provide them with proper nourishment.


So, here is our ultimate guide to healthy hair in winters!


  1. Oiling: our hair needs extra care and love during the winter season and Oiling is a must for that you can apply Oil once or twice according to your preference.


We have two oils that render endless benefits to your scalp, hair & lengths. The first one is “Hair Growth Oil'' and the second one is “Anti-Hairfall and Hair Growth Oil''. Both of the oils works wonder for people looking to reduce flakiness or dryness in their scalp should opt for the Hair Growth Oil, it also helps in preventing dandruff which is a very common attribute of the winter season.


Hair Growth Oil is enriched with ingredients like Castor oil, Pumpkin-seed oil, Organic argan oil, Avocado oil, Pomegranate seed oil etc that deeply penetrate into your scalp and give it the moisture boost it needs in the dry season.


For people who suffer from Hair Fall during winter season we would recommend our Anti-Hairfall and Hair Growth Oil, this oil has the richness of Cayenne Pepper which stimulates blood flow into the scalp and promotes regrowth of hair. This oil is enriched with the goddess of Coconut Oil, Olive Oil infused with Nettle, Spikenard that promotes new hair growth, reduces hairfall and also hydrates the scalp.


  1. Masking: Well, yes just as you mask your face your hair needs a mask too, Hair Masks should be used once in one or two weeks. Hair Masks leave our hair more nourished, strong and supple.


We at Bubblefarm have two exclusive Hair Masks enriched with some of our best ingredients, the first one “Herbal Hair Pack'' and the second one is “Detox Hair Mask''. The Herbal Hair Pack is best for people looking to control dandruff and strengthen their hair naturally, this mask will leave your hair with a slight sheen and subtle.


The Herbal Hair Pack consists of ingredients like Neem powder, Tulsi powder, Brahmi powder, Bhringraj powder, Shikakai powder, Hibiscus flower and leaves powder.


The Detox Hair Mask consists of a unique blend of clay and herbs, it is best suited for people looking to unclog their scalp pores, revoke impurities. This mask consists of Rhassoul clay which contains silica and magnesium which is used to moisturise and condition hair. It is a perfect treatment to banish dead skin cells from the scalp and impart a healthy & cleansed scalp - naturally.


In all the schbang for your skin, don’t forget that your scalp is also your skin and needs equal tender loving care from you. Follow plant based and natural hair care regimens for everlasting hair health without the horrors of chemical laden products.

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