The How, Why and When of ULTRA-LIGHT Daily Sunshield

The How, Why and When of ULTRA-LIGHT Daily Sunshield

The How, Why and When of ULTRA-LIGHT Daily Sunshield

Our skin needs sunscreen. It’s not a point of want or requirement; we need it. With global warming on the rise, depletion of ozone layer, our exposure to UV rays is no joke. Various ailment ranging from sunburns to skin cancer are just sunrays away.

So here is another detailed reminder of what you need to know about our ULTA LIGHT Daily Sunshield


Our Sunshield is hybrid formula with both mineral as well chemical ingredients, which nullifies the question of which is better? We have best of both.

You might ask what is the difference or functions of both. Quite simple, Mineral ingredients settles on the skin and creates a shield that deflects UV rays, while chemical ingredients allows UV light in to the skin and create a chemical reaction in which UV light is converted to heat, and the heat dissipates from the skin.

So what happens, when you combine them?

We know that a sunscreen cannot stop all the UV rays, so in a hybrid sunscreen, what cannot be deflected by the mineral ingredients would be dealt by the chemical ingredient.

Does that mean our Sunshield would stop all the harmful UV rays? No, ULTA LIGHT Daily Sunshield is of SPF 40, which means it protect you from 97.5% UV rays.

That’s another detail, the SPF math. We look at SPF 30, 40 and 50 and assume them to have a lot of difference. Not really.

As said we said, sunscreens cannot protect you from all the UV rays, but we lower the amount that hits your skin. SPF 50 protect your from 98% rays, whereas SPF 30 protects you from 97% UV rays.

Another calculation differs from skin to skin. If it takes your skin 15 minutes to get sunburns then an SPF 30 would make sure that it takes you 30 times more time to burn in the sun, which in this case would be 5 hours, which is why it is necessary to reapply sunscreen on an average of 2 hours.



In simple terms – to lower the risk of skin cancer; and in cosmetic sense – to avoid pigmentation, signs of early ageing and such.

A common question that comes out about the usage of sunshield is why should we use them indoors? The answer is again easy – doesn’t sunlight enter your house?

UV rays are present everywhere, even the light emitting from your phone and laptop screens can be harmful. Two types of UV rays you’d read a lot about are UVA and UVB – the third and the most harmful are UVC rays, fortunately, they don’t reach the surface of the earth.

UVA rays gets absorbed into the skin and are majorly the ones responsible for long lasting skin-ailments. 95% of Sun’s UVA reaches the surface of the earth and they can penetrate through windows and glass, rendering indoors unsafe.

UVB rays do not penetrate as deep and are causes for skin burns and ailments that you would ony find after few hours.

So indoors or outdoors, layer sunshield on.



UV rays are always around us so it’s necessary that sunshield becomes a staple in your AM routine, when you are in the house or outside. It can be avoided during PM hours because Sunscreen can clog pores. So make sure you double cleanse.


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