Self Care Guide for Future Moms-to-be

Self Care Guide for Future Moms-to-be

Self Care Guide for Future Moms-to-be

Pregnancy is a miraculous phenomenon in a mother’s life, but most moms-to-be often start ignoring their own needs as they’re prepping for a baby. Pregnancy isn’t just about the baby - it’s about the mother too, and it’s a time when self-care is of utmost importance for emotional and physical wellbeing. Because we all know: a happy mother makes a happy baby.

Bubblefarm understands how crucial self-care is for to-be-mothers, so here is a self-care guide for moms-to-be. 

Address Your Feelings

It makes perfect sense to have mixed feelings about this major life event. It’s important to allow yourself to feel the full range of emotions. Consider starting a pregnancy journal and taking pictures of your gradually growing bump to help you adjust to pregnancy and manage your anxiety or excitement. Open up with your partner or discuss your feelings with friends and other mothers.

Keep in mind that your partner might be feeling completely different things about this life-changing news. While you're excited, they may be still digesting the news or the other way. Try to respect their feelings and communicate your own. If you're a single mother going into your pregnancy, build a network of reliable friends and family to rely on and celebrate with throughout your pregnancy. There's so much to look forward to and being honest and open is the key.

Skincare and more

Your skin and hair communicate the changes your body is going through internally. Miracle of childbirth often takes a toll on women’s bodies. The skin glands get more active during pregnancy and tend to sweat more. Mothers-to-be should take out time for warm baths or showers with shower gels/ soaps until the 32nd week. 

Therapeutic baths with few drops of geranium oil relax tense and tired muscles, counter insomnia, and make expecting women feel fresh and relaxed.

Pregnancy often makes your body grow faster than your skin can keep up with,  causing stretch marks. However many serums and oils are available in the market that help with lightening of stretch marks and its itch.Women also suffer from severe hair fall both before and after pregnancy. Coconut oil and Lavender oil are great solutions to both of these problems. BubbleFarm offers great hair fall solutions that pave off great results. It’s also essential to keep your skin hydrated with a rich lotion or cream at all times. Bubblefarm offers a great range of moisturizers, toners and other products that are perfectly safe and effective during your pregnancy. 

Schedule Naps

During pregnancy you constantly feel like you need a nap. Fatigue is one of the most common and challenging symptoms in the all three trimester of pregnancy. Your body is working hard to build the placenta — the lifeline for your baby, and then nurture it.

Certain foods and habits can affect your energy level, so find out what to do and what to avoid when you're feeling exhausted. Get at least eight hours of sleep a night, and possibly take naps when you feel exhausted.

Comfort First

While you probably won't really begin to show until your second trimester, you will find that your pants are getting harder to button and your bras are a bit tighter. Invest in some larger bras and reach for flowing, loose-fitting dresses and tops to hold you over until you need to buy maternity clothes. Then invest in super comfortable, cozy maternity wear. Here convenience and comfort must be a priority and fashion last. We suggest stealing your husbands or male friends' comfy hoodies and tees that make you feel joyful and cozy.

Do What You Love

In the 21st century we all are mostly caught up making money and occupied with work. In pregnancy, moms-to-be must take out time to do what they love. It could be picking up on old hobbies or finding new ones or anything else. Reading, cooking, weaving, painting, watching movies, etc. future mommies must do whatever they enjoy to keep themselves and the baby happy. This is perhaps the highest form of self care possible.

The people around future mommies must try to be caring, loving and helpful to these brave women in all the ways possible. If you are a mommy-to-be, BubbleFarm wishes you congratulations and a happy, healthy baby. More power to you girl!

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