Great skin does not come with a miracle, it's magic that you work for everyday. Every person can have different skin goals, i.e. someone wants even toned skin, someone wants help with acne, someone wants hydration.

Not all products that you apply religiously might be needed by you. Some products might cater to your specific needs while some don't. The way to build a skincare routine is to see your concerns and what suits you best.

When they say "Great things come in bundles.", we cannot disagree. In this blog, we introduce to you, two skincare kits that your skin will love. Each product has been curated with utmost thought and precision to cater all skincare needs. Here are the two kits we have curated for you and your skincare needs so keep reading.

Skin Glow Kit

The name says it all. Our Skin Glow Kit is power packed with 4 products that specially caters dullness, skin tone improving, brightness and glow. Here is a breakdown of the components of this kit:

  1. Skin Glow Scrub & Mask

Key ingredients like Kaolin Clay, Fuller's Earth, Oats & Brown Rice do complete justice to the name skin glow.

  1. Besan & Green Gram Brightening Pack

Enriched with Besan, Green gram, Papaya, Turmeric & Orange peel make it a perfect friend to combat dullness so go grab it.

  1. Rose Face Mist

Rose! What else do you need? Your quick boost of hydration is just a spritz away.

  1. Face Glow Oil

Say yes to oil because why not? When it is made of organ oil, hemp seed oil and saffron, you gotta choose em!

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Anti Acne Kit

I got 99 problems but acne ain't one. Besides, you will love the ingredients used to make each product so get hold of one before we run out. Here is a breakdown of the components of this kit :

  1. French Green Clay Scrub

When we hear clay, we instantly associate it with acne-free skin. It unclogs your pores for clearer skin hence this is a total catch.

  1. Antibacterial mask

Ingredients like Sandalwood & Neem make this mask your buddy when your skin is breaking out.

  1. Rosemary Hydrosol

How underrated is Rosemary for acne? Not anymore though, keep acne at bay with a few spritz.

  1. Anti-acne facial oil

It contains Jojoba oil, Vitamin-E oil, Tea tree essential oil so there is literally no room for doubt when it comes to being an anti acne product.

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Tip: With any skin-care product, apply in order of consistency.

Allow these kits to become a part of your daily ritual that fortifies your skin and grounds your day.Our skincare sets are on sale right now, get you and your best friend, and mom one before it sells out.

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