Our Nourishing Shampoo Bars Are Here

Our Nourishing Shampoo Bars Are Here

At Bubblefarm we try to maintain a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, we swear by things that cause less harm to our environment and the growing hazard to our civilization. We are trying to bring new products that will help us in our mission and lead us to a sustainable lifestyle.

We, at Bubblefarm bring to you handmade products made from the most exclusive ingredients that will enhance your beauty regime for the longer run. We believe in no Animal Testing and the products are 100% free from any chemical. 

Taking forward our mission to a sustainable lifestyle we have introduced three Shampoo Bars which will enhance a better haircare. These Shampoo Bars are highly effective and don't come in a plastic bottle which means they are 100% environmental friendly.

At first we have the Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar, which is pH balanced and enriched with the goodness of Charcoal this shampoo bar is best suited for people who want to detoxify their scalp. This is a great product for people suffering from dandruff and this will give a deep detox to the scalp removing dirt and oil. Enriched with the goodness of Tea Tree essential oil this shampoo bar can be a holy grail for people with an itchy scalp. 

The second one is our Revitalizing Keratin Shampoo Bar, which is pH balanced. With the goodness of Keratin protein enriched in a shampoo bar is a dream come true for people with frizzy or treated hair. Keratin provides a blend of Amino acids that protects and treats damaged hair. The key ingredient of this shampoo bar is Orange essential oil which makes sure to keep the hair silky and smooth at all times.

The third is our Nourishing Banana Shampoo Bar, which is pH balanced and provides the goodness of Banana extracts. This shampoo bar is best for people looking to add volume, strength and lustrou to your hair. Banana is known to be rich in potassium and vitamins and it also works as an antioxidant which will provide enough strength and nourishment to your hair. 

We have also introduced a shampoo bar holder which will be suitable for your usage, it will help in keeping the product in proper shape.

All three shampoo bars are available on our website, you can go ahead and order yours today. Let us build a natural and more sustainable future for our generations to come!

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