Only shampooing and conditioning your hair is a habit you better leave in 2019. Detoxifying your scalp is not a word that rings a bell in your ears. Perhaps, it’s probably something that’s more important than we imagine. Taking care of where the hair grows from, obviously important. While that doesn’t exactly sound glamorous, there’s no reason to be squeamish about scalp buildup: Everybody has different types of problems they deal with. The real problem is not having a build up but not taking care of it.
You should treat your scalp just like you would, your skin. Here is why detoxification works - Removing buildup from your scalp can get rid of the dead skin cells accumulating, reduce dandruff and say goodbye to itchy scalp. All this hence helps in hair growth as well as maintenance. Also, regular scalp detox helps the other products in your lineup work better, since they're not fighting against oil or flakes. As a result of which you'll actually be able to wash your hair less often without worrying about looking greasy.
In order to have healthy and luscious locks, they should grow from a scalp free from buildup; which can include everything from dead skin cells to excess sebum.
To achieve a healthy scalp, our loved Detox Hair Mask is just the right pick for you. Enriched with ingredients like Rhassoul Clay (recovers scalp from damage), Moringa Powder (strengthens locks), Senna Leaf Powder (makes hair silky and manageable) and more goodness directed towards making your hair rapunzel-like in a wash.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

how to use detox hair mask
To prevent dry hair and scalp, this mask treatment is for a deep clarifying cleanse and can be used once in two weeks.

Step 1: Mix the Detox Hair Mask with water in a small container.
Step 2: Part your hair in small sections and apply the mask down each part on the scalp to make sure it spreads properly.
Step 3: Massage the mask into the scalp in a gentle circular motion.
Step 4: Gently put your hair together and with a shower cap for 20 minutes.
Step 5: Use your shampoo and conditioner your hair as normal.

Ahoy silky, smooth hair that you cannot stop swooning over. It’s as simple as this. Let us know how you are enjoying this new way of cleansing. Tell your friends about detoxification, thank us later.

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