Be #Hairgoals this summer

Be #Hairgoals this summer

Take a deep breath and smell those fresh flowers y’all. Tis summer season!


Many of you are getting those hats, scarves and bandannas out to protect those beautiful locks, from the fiery kiss of the sun. That’s not a bad idea but we have a better one!


Here are some of our favorites that will help you have your best hair day, every day.


We at Bubblefarm cater to your needs and make sure our products inhibit a sustainable lifestyle. Our products are made from 100% natural ingredients; they are handmade just for you.


Here are some of our hair care essential products you absolutely must try!


Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo Bar


Let’s switch it up a bit from those mundane foamy chemicals, to nature derived shampoo bars. This clarifying charcoal shampoo bar will deep clean your scalp, preventing hair follicles from being blocked by sweat and dirt. It will also help in maintaining a good pH balance. Enriched with the goodness of the anti-bacterial tea tree oil, it will help in dealing with an itchy scalp during the hot weather.


Revitalizing Keratin Shampoo Bar


No one deserves dry and frizzy hair, that’s why our Revitalizing Keratin shampoo bar aims to bring out a visible difference in your hair texture. This shampoo is enriched with a blend of amino acids and orange essential oil leaving you feeling refreshed. This shampoo bar will also help you in maintaining pH balance and at the same time will keep your scalp healthy and nourished.


Anti-Hairfall Oil

During summers, our hair follicles are exposed to excessive heat and sweat which can make them weak causing breakage. To avoid this we need something that would not only stop hair fall but also repair and replenish the damaged hair follicles.


Our Anti-hairfall oil is enriched with Cayenne pepper which has capsaicin to help in regrowth of hair follicles and boost blood circulation. Another natural blessing in our oil comes in the form of Curry leaves, to prevent premature greying and promote hair growth.


Detox Hair mask


Another product you should try this summer time is Bubblefarm’s Detox Hair mask, made with soothing clay that helps in absorbing all impurities from the scalp. This mask will make sure your scalp gets a much needed farewell from all the dirt, heat and sweat build up, leaving your hair nourished and healthy.


Made with Rhassoul clay, it contains silica and magnesium to help improve the elasticity and the strength of your hair. And if you are dealing with those nuisances called dandruff then this mask has your back… head.


Give some love to your hair and let them shine, go and check out all these products!

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