3 ways to manage frizzy hair

3 ways to manage frizzy hair

Short or long, frizzy hair can be an all-time problem for everyone. 

Those little pieces of hair floating like little halos can ruin our moods and style as quickly as the wind can blow paper. 

As annoying as frizz can be, just like all of us, all it wants is acceptance. So before we move on to figure out how to tame and play with it a little, let's take an oath to accept that, a little bit of frizz is natural and cute.

Done? Alright, let's get on to how to ensure frizz don't end up as the reason for hair damage.

Keep it moisturized

A lot of times, the frizz indicates a lack of moisture in your hair, which can be a reason for hair breakage. They are just rising above to get some water. To ensure they don't do that very often it is important to keep they moisturized. Hair packs before shampooing can ensure that your hair is healthy and hydrated. Try Bubblefarm's Herbal Hair Pack and feel the soothing goodness.

Use a micro-fiber towel

A lot of frizz can be reduced by a change of towel. Micro-fiber towels can help dry hair without creating a lot of friction and stripping the hair. Normal bath towels are very absorbent and can strip hair of moisture. The way you dry your hair can also be a huge reason behind your frizz problems, be gentle.

Detox hair

Hair build-ups are another cause of frizz that can cause more damage in the long run. Detoxification of hair is as necessary as that of our bodies. There are a ton of ways to detoxify hair. You can try cleansing or chelating shampoos or detoxification masks. Detox masks can be both pre-poo are post. If you want a good recommendation, try our Detox hair mask, filled with natural ingredients that suck out impurities and encourage hair growth, it can be a savior at rough times.

Frizz doesn't always have to be labelled as bad hair day, but learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy reasons behind frizz. 

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