3 tips for healthy skin & hair during monsoon

3 tips for healthy skin & hair during monsoon

The umbrella season is around the corner, and so is a ton of skincare and haircare stress (please don't stress, that's just going to add on the issues), fret not; we have some basics that would not only help you look good but also keep your skin and mane healthy and protected.

Skin: Not just the face but the entire body

With the skincare hype in the present market, a lot of emphasis is just on the face. You need to keep in mind that skincare is not just the skin on your face. 

During monsoons, skin issues generally act up. That's why it is necessary to put in some extra effort.  

Hair: Use microfiber towels

The rise in humidity during monsoon elevates the frizz factor of hair, which can be tamed a lot better by switching to microfiber towels or soft cotton T-shirts. Microfiber towels are usually associated with the curly girl method, but they can help reduce frizz in all hair types.

Skin: Cleanse, don't strip moisture

Cleansing is not something anybody has to tell you. Monsoon season is infamous for clogging of pores and acne issues. Deep cleansing of the skin is entire body is not something you want to miss. Our French Green Clay Face and Body Scrub detoxify the skin, particularly the underarms, neutralizing odours and soothing sensitive skin.  

Hair: Detox 

Hair detox is necessary for every season, but the rainy season brings more chances of build-ups. All those hair sprays and moisturizing products, even your hair conditioner can accumulate and form build-up. Bubblefarm's Detox Hair Mask removes all kinds of impurities and gives the scalp a deep clean.

Skin: Avoid heavy oil

This one could be controversial, but heavy facial oil can aid in clogged pores, so consult a dermatologist. Every skin is different, and so are its requirements. But, if you are looking for moisture, you can find an amazing variant in our Aloe Vera gel or Rose Face Mist.

Hair: Lock it in with serum

We all hate greasy hair, so hair washing without any heavy products may feel good, but that may result in hair breakage. Lock the moisture of your towel-dried hair with a good serum.

Monsoon is all about fun but only if you don’t stress over things you self care issues you could have prevented.

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