Self Love | Self Care : Quarantine edition

Self Love | Self Care : Quarantine edition



"Perhaps the biggest mistake many people have made in the past is believing that love was about finding the right person. In reality, love is about becoming the right person, don't look for the right person, become the right person."

If you're paying attention to conversation these days, chances are that you've heard of self-care and self love. In a competitive time like this, people are working 2 jobs at a time, sometimes family and a job. To make ends meet, to support families. Although, we need a little time to care for ourselves.

Self-care and self love are both important to feel renewed. Come home from work, put on a face mask, and read in bed? Now that's life.

This blog comes right in time to remind you that Quarantine is legit the best time to unwind, look after yourself and make time to love yourself. We are here to tell you how you can practice self care at the comfort of your home. We present you some DIYs, small ways to declutter, book recommendations & show recommendations too.

It's time to Unwind - Relax - Rejuvenate


~ Naps :

Take more naps, sleep in early when you feel tired.

~ Cook

Youtube is full of instant recipes you can make from scratch or even with leftover food. What a relaxing way to rejuvenate!

~ Play a game

Board games, not online. QUICK TIP : If you want to play a board game but you don't have it, print the game on paper and enjoy with family.

~ DIY Hair & Face Mask

Whatever your beauty needs be, find 'em in the kitchen. (Try - Rosewater and Aloe mixture for hair)

~ Hydrate

Super duper underrated, just chugging a glass of water can have many benefits for you, both physically and mentally.

~ Meditate & Yoga

Nothing beats a kickass yoga session or just a quick 5-10 minutes meditation sesh. Here are a few apps that can be pretty helpful for you :

  1. Glo - Download here (Android)
  2. Asana Rebel - Download here
  3. Daily Yoga - Download here

~ Warm bath & body exfoliation

To be honest, this feels super good. Your skin feels clearer and softer. (Try - Coffee + Sugar + Body Oil exfoliates amazingly)

~ Read. Read. Read

Complain no more that you don't have time to read. Download free PDFs of your favourite books from here and here

Few books that we recommend are :

a man called OVE - fredrick backman

tuesdays with Morrie

the prophet - book

mark manson - book

anne frank - book

~ Call a loved one

Distance grows the heart fonder, hence this a total self care step.

~ Fresh sheets

Another underrated way to feel fresh, change your bed sheet, light up a candle and relax.

~ Declutter

Quarantine can make you Marie Kondo, the power of decluttering is insane. Declutter your room, fold your clothes, do your laundry. After all, every one has their ways of relaxing.

~ Get some sun and/or see the sunset

Merely looking at skies or watching a sunset/ sunrise can be calming for your soul.

Nevertheless, many people are resorting to shows and movies to relax. Here are some of our favourites. As a result of which, Netflix is on everyone's stories. Here are some shows and movies we recommend -

  1. Taj Mahal on Netflix
  2. The Handmaid's Tale on Amazon Prime
  3. Money Heist on Netflix
  4. Parasite on Amazon Prime
  5. Brooklyn 99 on Netflix
  6. Contagion on Amazon Prime

So, we suppose everything is now covered in terms of self care and self love. Go get some rest and rewind. If you watch any of the shows or read any of our recommendations, do tag us in your stories.

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