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Gotu Kola and Jasmine Cleansing Balm

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Cleansing balms are all-in-one superheroes. High oil contents in the balm is gentle and is star at removing all your makeup, allowing you to ditch the facial wipes and makeup removers. This balm also contains stellar ingredients like allontoin and gotu kola which has the ability to improve blood circulation, healing and soothing properties, anti-inflamattory and anti-irritating properties. Non foaming cleanser

Quantity 50gms


Cetearyl oliviate, sorbitan oliviate, cetyl alchol, stearic acid, Jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, kaolin clay, Gotu kola powder, Allantoin,  Rose wax, vitamin e oil, Geogaurd ECT, 0.5%Rosegeranium essential oil Review Medals